4 responses to “UPDATE! Page from: Linda Stinnett | The Derby Informer

  1. Marc Stumbo

    For jump heads, I try to use the first 1 or 2 words in bold, followed with a snippet of the original headline, reworded if possible. That way, if I come into the paper from the back (which I often do) the jump head may make me want to check out that story.

  2. The dogleg is actually not part of the lead story, but falls as part of the People and Places column. Obviously, we need to avoid the larger photos under the heading to avoid confusion. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Marc Stumbo

    The Business Picks Up story could run squared off across the top, then make the Budget jump 2 cols on the left on top of the Derby Days jump (actually flip them so the larger jump is on the bottom), move Business Bytes over Spa Face squared off and run People and Places on top of Eddie’s ad. This would modularize the page elements and clearly differentiate them. Of course if the style is to always run People and Places at the top of the Business page, then back to the drawing board.

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