4 responses to “Page from: Will Davis | Monroe County Reporter

  1. Kristin Coker

    I like it. Ed pointed out much of what I would have. I would watch your headlines a little though. Your headline for the Itouch story has a 4-deck headline with a 4-deck subhead. That’s a lot of headline for the little bit of story you have on the front. Also, your promotions up top, while done very nicely, I would have like to seen maybe real photos of a gradutation cap and diploma instead of clip art.
    One last thought, I would probaly look into making “the Monroe County” in your mast a little larger. You don’t want it to get lost.

    Overall, I think its looks pretty good.

  2. Bob

    I agree with Ed re the cap T in the nameplate. Always, always, always anchor cutout photos on something. Here I would make the line under the plate thicker and black, better matching the type in “Reporter.” The descender of the “p” could break the line, if you want an interesting effect.

    I don’t like italics as a headline face on a news story. I can live with it as a deck head. I am also not a fan of ragged right on news stories.

    The numbers in the table are pretty close together, and unless you set the scale just right, a bar chart wouldn’t show much. I think these data call for a table.

    I like the page overall, the nameplate — once you fix it — will be handsome. I especially like the use of ample white space. Could you lose some of the lines on the page? They seem superfluous.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m a little bit of a purist on italic headlines. I only like them for either columns or jumbo sized display headlines, when appropriate.

    Other than what everyone else has mentioned, I have to disagree with Bob on not using ragged right. I think ragged right is easier on the eyes. Justified sentences s o m e t i m e s r e a d l i k e t h i s.

  4. Bob

    Michael: Although I agree with you that rag rite is usually easier on the eyes (the research is a bit mixed) and I prefer it generally, to me it doesn’t say “news.”

    I think design plays an important part in the communication process, and justified type says news to my eyes.

    The problem you mention lies with the weak H&J in InDesign or Quark. See this YouTube video for help in adjusting your settings.

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