3 responses to “Page from: Roger Rector | Ida County Courier

  1. Bob

    Well, Roger, I have to agree with Ed about a needed redesign.

    The page is way too gray and uninviting. The headlines are too small. The spacing below heads is too ample. Only solons should be allowed to mull anything, BTW.

    With a little design help, I am sure you would increase your circulation from 3,000 or so. Better design leads to a better business.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. We’ve discovered that the use of lines – not overuse – has greatly improved the look of our paper while making it easier to read. We try to have one picture above or at the fold and another on the bottom to help increase the amount of color our front page offers.

    We used to change our color daily, but have found more customers are happy with one color all of the time. It creates a consistency that customers come to expect and enjoy.

  3. Here’s my thoughts…

    I agree of course about the page being too gray. A1 needs at least three art images with the dominant photo running at least four columns horizontal or three columns vertical.

    Also, I would use rules to separate stories from one another. Some readers might confuse legs of text adjacent to the story as part of the story. Without the rules, all the copy on A1 looks like it’s part of one massive story.

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