3 responses to “Page from: Linda Stinnett | The Derby Informer

  1. Kristin Coker

    I agree with Ed on all his points, with maybe a few of my own. On font choices: I like your serif face, but not the sans face. It feels a little outdated. Our paper just switched to Benton. Maybe you could look at that or other styles to see what suits your paper better.
    Also, the “Class of 2010” promotion at the top of the mast looks kind of like an ad instead of a promo. Maybe rearranging it again would be better.

  2. Bob

    Linda: Thanks for submitting your page. I agree with Ed on the cyan. Use another color. Also, re your thoughts about colorizing your 60 Second Informer, my usual advice is to go somewhere quiet and lie down until the thought goes away. Seriously, you could do a lot with better typographic contrast, stronger use of gray, and more art, played large as cutouts.

    You have a handsome serif typeface, but the sans serif has to go. Get one with more weight.

    As you do your design freshening, I would make sure the paper and web site look like they go together. Currently, the look and feel of each is different. They should look at least like siblings, though they don’t have to be identical twins.

    I also liked art for main story (exc. for cyan!) and the ample use of white space everywhere but inside the box for the Shopfest story.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I’m a big fan of using rules to separate design elements. Also, whatever you use to separate design elements, they should be consistent. In the page I see here, there’s a combination of white space and boxes. Dominant art, preferably a good photo, is needed too. I do like the headline hierarchy.

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