Poll results: What is your view of advertising on page 1?

THE RESULTS ARE IN…in yet another 100-plus-vote poll. This one drew 109 votes and the top response won almost half the votes. Check it out for yourself. Comments from the poll follow the chart.


Looks like I’m the only one that voted for “Bring it on”! Must be the only salesperson that visits. Just a reminder, every employee is on full commission. If nobody out there buys ads, nobody here has a job.

Okay, but it should never dominate over the news hole.

Not a fan, but it generates so much revenue you can’t say no.

It’s not just the front page. Ad $s to support journalism is the devil, per… [comment ends]

OK (with reluctance), but make them be really nicely designed ads.

As owner I’ll take ads anywhere they want them!

One strip ad at bottom and one corner ad, any front page.

One ad on the front is an honest declaration that a newspaper is a business.


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