4 responses to “Page from: Marah Pahl | Kanabec County Times

  1. Bob

    First, the choice of a headline face is partly personal choice, partly your competitive marketplace and partly typographic. That being said, I think the particular cut of Myriad doesn’t work well as a headline face (your lower case “c,” for instance looks more open than the Linotype version). I would suggest settling on a least some different weights of Myriad and some condensed versions (there are plenty of both available).

    Ed is definitely right when he complains about the Tekton — you need to keep your headlines in true headline typefaces, not novelty faces.

    The page is laid out well, though it is symmetrical, which I would avoid whenever you can.

    Finally, I would make your second deck heads a little bigger and tighten the writing, and I would set off the centerpiece story by boxing it and using a different column width.

    Thanks for sharing your pages.

  2. Jackie

    A couple of things. First, most of the page has the type in six columns. The Old Glory story maybe could have been in three columns. Looks like the columns/stories are running into each other on the bottom of the page.
    Second-try putting some thin lines between the stories/columns so they don’t run together. We use a .5 rule to break up the columns and put a little white space in between-it makes it a little easier to read also.

  3. jessica

    I think picking on the overline is just, well, being picky. It’s one line; one font when all the others on a page are consistent. I’d have issue if there were other decorative fonts in place.

    However, I agree with above that the centerpiece story should be set out further – by using a ragged right and three columns and boxing or using a screen.

    Basically, I just look for more to break up the text in the layout. Even add a pull quote in the fishing opener or a larger font size on the lead-in subheads.

    • Jessica: I couldn’t disagree more about focusing on the overline being “picky.” The overline in red Tekton damages the entire rest of the page. And…the objective is to teach a lesson strongly enough that the mistake will not be repeated. Remember: Someone thought it was a good idea. Someone liked it. The goal is to help them to get past that. “Picky?” I think not.

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