Braggin’ on the Western Catholic Reporter…again!

EDITOR GLEN ARGAN of the Western Catholic Reporter in Edmonton, Alberta, is a believer in the value of design. In October of 2008, I helped Glen with the redesign of the Western Catholic Reporter. Early in 2009, the Western Catholic Reporter was named the best designed church paper in all of Canada by Canadian Church Press.

Well, Glen has gone and done it again. Here’s a note from Glen late last week:


The Western Catholic Reporter has just won first place awards from the Canadian Church Press for the layout and design of an issue and for the layout and design of a feature as well as a third place award for the best front page (more than design involved in that one).

We also won the award for General Excellence for regional Church newspapers from across Canada. This one I especially cherish, although it does involve much more than design and layout.

Thanks for your contribution to our improved appearance and I hope to see you in New Orleans.


Glen’s reference to New Orleans indicates he will be attending the Catholic Media Convention in New Orleans. I’ll be presenting a design workshop at the convention and I’m looking forward to seeing Glen and other editors and friends there!

Congratulations, Glen—and thanks for making me look good!


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