Poll: What is your view of advertising on the front page?

READER BARRY HOFF wrote in late March to ask:


Have you ever done a poll question on advertising on the front page? May not be well suited to a design blog, but I noticed the ads on Brian Lazzuri’s page and thought, ‘I wonder if Ed has ever addressed advertising on the front?’ ”

I thought Barry had hit on something, so I wrote back:


I’ve flagged your note. Good idea! Looking forward to posting that poll in a couple of weeks. What questions do you think I should ask about it? I mean, if I ask whether people like/don’t like ads on the front I think I know what kind of response we’re gonna get. Any ideas?


Barry responded quickly: “Now you’re gonna make me think!” and then offered some questions for the poll, which I’ve posted verbatim.

NOTE: If you want to see what too many ads can do to page one, be sure to check out the pages from Lauri Shillings further down on this page: …and…speaking of ads on page 1…

So…have at it! What are your thoughts about ads on page 1? Hate ’em? Don’t care? Here’s the poll…


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2 responses to “Poll: What is your view of advertising on the front page?

  1. Jerry Bellune

    Good morning, Ed.
    A few words from The Voice of Reality.
    We are dealing with a serious crisis here, my friend. It’s called a recession. Need I say more? Probably not. But I will anyway.
    I sometimes feel that editors are like the Titanic’s captain: “No rearranging the deck chairs, men. The passengers might get the idea we’re in trouble.”
    We ARE in trouble. Serious financial trouble. When times were good, we could be snooty about advertising. At our peril. Now times, they ain’t so good.
    Advertising on the Front Page? Horrors. The High Priests of News must look down their big noses.
    People buy newspapers for more than news. They want to know where to buy what they need and WANT!
    Remember Ralph Ingersoll? Started a newspaper without a dime’s worth of ads in it. It lasted how long? Maybe six months?
    If readers buy newspapers for advertising, let’s give it to them. If advertisers want prominent display, let’s give it to them. And charge a premium for it in places where they want to be.
    Enough of this rant.
    Sincerely yours,
    The Voice of Reality. 

  2. Community News Lover (and Editor)

    I’ve never had an issue with front-page advertising at the bottom in a strip. As an editor, I prefer it be a top-of-mind type of ad, but as long it’s tasteful, I’m cool with it. I agree that this space is premium so the price should reflect the same and I think it should be sold only in contracts of a minimum of three months.

    Currently, our ad department sells them when there are special events in town (NASCAR races) or an advertiser has a special deal, but not as a contract to run every Tuesday for three months. I prefer the latter.

    Putting ads on the front page of a newspaper goes back a hundred years or longer, in the Golden Age of print. I think there are some things we could learn from the publishers of old when newspapers ruled the information world, and this is one of them.

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