Poll results: Your page design software

ONE HUNDRED VOTES…MOST EVER in a poll on Ed Henninger’s Blog! So the percentages and the vote totals are the same number.  I’ve been mathematically brain dead since my sophomore year in high school, but even I can make sense of that.

Interesting that I described Quark 5 in the poll as “…missing in action” and there were no votes—zero…zip…nada—for Quark 5.

Comments from the blog follow the chart. Here are some comments that accompanied the poll:

“InDesign CS2…ah, yesteryear!”

“InDesign CS (we’re way behind!)”

“InDesign, but still missing the speed of Quark.”

“CS3 and I HATE it.”

“InDesign CS3 and CS4—waiting until all my equipment is Into to go CS4.”

Joel Martin: “We upgraded to ID from Quark 4 (and in some cases 3.3) about five years ago. Some of our people are still using CS1.”

Joel Martin: “I retract that last. I did a double-check and the last CS1 users were upgraded last summer. We’re slowly but surely achieving uniformity. Now if we all had the same fonts…”

David Merrill: “We finally upgraded from Quark to InDesign late last year, and it’s been a relief to me. I started with Quark 3.3 back when Windows 3.1 was the hot new kid on the block, and it and Photoshop became my good friends (and generated some income). Quark’s propensity for crashing Windows burned into my brain the computer adage “Save early and often.” I got all the way to Quark 7.3 before I resigned myself to the fact that they had never solved that basic crashing issue, and although Kevin Slimp claims that Quark 8 has finally leveled the playing field with InDesign, I just couldn’t see spending our limited budget continuing on that path.”

Jay Dickerson: “I’m curious about those who voted “Other”–what are you using?”

Lauri Shillings: “Our building has several versions of InDesign installed- but not everywhere and are using the Ver. 6 Quark for news pages. We are forced to use a much older version (4.0) of it for our classifieds- due to the ‘baseview’ we are chained to for our database…. arrgghh. How many others out there have this same issue? I wish we could all upgrade to one thing on every workstation!!!”

Karen Nelson: “We are with you there, Lauri. We use Q6 for news, Q4 for classifieds/legals. Our databases (APT) for the two sides don’t talk. It gets super-frustrating. And what with the redundant export-import process we have to do to get things to film, we run a huge risk of press stops. A couple workstations have InDesign but only for commercial jobs — not our own stuff. For those using InDesign, what front-end system do you use?”


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6 responses to “Poll results: Your page design software

  1. Like Lauri and Karen we are trapped with Quark for our classifieds because of Baseview/Mediaspan. Otherwise we have moved completely to Indesign.

  2. You’d think by now Baseview/Mediaspan would have followed the rest of us into the 21st Century! What does it take? Seems to me that being the one entity holding others back is a way to commit corporate suicide.

  3. A lot of the issues with Baseview is that it’s soooo costly to upgrade to a version that will run on OSX- of course- corporate is unwilling to buy into anything costly at this time. ***sigh***

  4. David’s comment is funny. I wrote that Quark review forever ago. And Quark 8 might have leveled the field with InDesign CS3, but there’s no comparison any more. I still get emails from folks who say they’re going to go with Quark based on my review. But that was SO LONG ago.

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