2 responses to “Pages from: Marah Pahl | Kanabec County Times

  1. As far as the cover page goes. I like the headline treatment. The focus of the photo is interesting, the subject is crisp, emotional and current, I’m guessing that this is a well known athlete in the area, since there isn’t a cutline or ID for him. Could be there was a cover ID on an inside page. (Ed, how should you handle names and faces in this situation?)
    I agree that the photo is a little bit busy, but perhaps it could have been edited somewhat in photoshop- blurring the background, the fence especially – to allow the subject to really shine. Not crazy about the special ‘spring’ script being picked up for the ‘special thanks’.

    As for the inside page treatment:
    I agree with Ed that the preview heading could have been worked artistically into the folio.
    I understand that it is hard for a community paper to be everywhere at once and submitted or team shots like these might be all you have. Maybe pick up a file photo from during the year? I don’t feel it’s essential that the whole team is pictured. If a great action shot of one player is available, I would use it every time, rather than a team pic.

  2. Marc Stumbo

    Cover: I like the tilted pic – it adds tension. It’s a cover photo, not a sports coverage photo, so it should be treated differently. I would have spent some quality Photoshop time with it, however – background could be darkened or blurred for much more impact. It would have been fairly easy to mask the background out altogether. The type down the side, “Sports Preview” head and the white drop shadow labels are very nice … then there’s that script typeface, which I think significantly detracts from the other classy layout elements. If used at all, it should just have been used for “Spring.”

    Inside page: I like the label at the top of the page body – I think it would be lost in the folio. The folio label should be reserved for the following pages in the section. At the top of the page, the static stand-up photo is fine – the story’s about those 10 seniors. Identifications would be nice – there’s plenty of room for that in the cap. The issue I have with the photo (aside from the fact that it’s not cropped very well – extra space at the left and the guy at the right is cut off) is that it’s all legs. I assume since these guys play baseball (and they’re standing) that they have legs and feet – I don’t need to see them. Why not crop under the elbows and run the pic full width? That way you eliminate the long/short column legs and can then do something interesting with the type – different column width, pull quote, catchy subhead, whatever. The larger the photo and the tighter the crop, the less it looks like a static “stand-up” shot. At the bottom, I agree with Ed that if this section had been planned for a while that better art could have been shot, especially in this instance. The story’s about pitching and defense, so an action shot or two from the previous season or from this season’s practice would have been better to illustrate the story. If the guys pictured are key to the story, this photo could have been used smaller and as an inset perhaps.

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