4 responses to “Pages from: Erik Tryggestad | The Christian Chronicle

  1. I really like how you tied each piece together. I agree about the India map. It should’ve been topographical like the other 2 or all 3 like the India map. The face photos are nice on the front and the Africa story. They help draw my eyes in and it seems to give a subliminal “happy” feeling to the story.

  2. Lauri Shillings

    Wow! I just love all the great illustration for these pieces. Do you have someone on staff who creates all of your illustrations? If so, pat them on the back! Great work.

  3. Marah, Lauri and Ed: Thanks for the kind words. I honestly don’t know how I overlooked the fact that the India map had no topography. We have one more map page scheduled for the series — Latin America. I’ll make sure that map has topography. I like it much better than the purely political map.

    Ed, you’ll be happy to know that this weekend the Global South design won a couple of awards from the Associated Church Press, of which The Christian Chronicle is a member.

    The front page, “changing face of the church,” won second place in front page design. (The page that won first place was hailed in particular for its good use of a photo in the terminal area — lower-right corner. Look at what’s in our lower-right corner and you’ll see why it was hard for me to compete! : )

    The Africa spread won first place in the category “Newspaper/Newsletter design — spread or story.” The judge’s comments: “This page speaks with authority. It starts with solid content. I learned something by reading this page.”

    Thanks again for the help and all the inspiration, Ed!

    And Lauri, in answer to your question, I’m a writer by training and have had to pick up photography and design with the job. The maps were single-color images that I had to cut out and colorize in PhotoShop. The objects are knick-knacks I bought on reporting trips. (Except for India. I had a PhotoShop guru help me cut that out of a photo of a Hindu temple I shot in Chennai.)

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