5 responses to “Page from: Josh Dewberry | The Monroe Journal

  1. I love the photos and I like that you designed it well. Photo packages can get tricky but this was designed very nicely. But, I’m with Ed on the font choice and color. If you have great art that can carry a page then you don’t need a headline that will detract from the package.

    But, I do have a pet peeve about your other headlines. It’s a general rule that you don’t leave pronouns or modifiers at the end of decked headlines. Each line should convey a complete thought.
    “If language is
    Southern it’s

    Should read
    “If language
    is Southern
    it’s permissible”

    That’s all that I had a problem with. Good first submission to Ed’s blog. Hope to see more of your work soon.

  2. Bob

    First the typeface. I don’t mind Optima. The problem is that (a) it looks terrible in all caps, (b) it looks terrible in bold, and (c) it looks terrible in red. Other than that, it appears to be the same face as your flag, which should be off-limits in the rest of your paper.

    My other problem is with the size and shape of the photos. The gestalt principles suggest that elements of the same size are related in a special way, say a sequence. So, the photos down the left and the bottom two on the right should NOT be the same size. They imply a sequence, like a building implosion.

    Finally, although the photos are terrific, most are taken from the same angle and fill the frame from the same perspective. You should try for extreme close-ups, shots from above or below, etc. Lead shot and “crowd” shot under guns are good.

    A little white space would be nice as well.

    Overall, I liked page, however. Just a few tweaks.

  3. Would this layout make me want to stop and study the page’s offerings, read the story? Definitely.
    I hope you saved a shot or two for the jump page story.

  4. The only comment I have is the text wrap in the Mary’s Moments column. It is hard to read the type that wraps around the photo. I would’ve probably made the photo a little smaller or adjusted kerning so the type wasn’t so broken up.

  5. The headline – and, more specifically, the headline font – was something I fought with longer than the layout or the story. It is a commonly used headline font around here, and I debated the color and caps as well. My instinct was to use a more “featury” font, and I suppose it would’ve been the right move. I appreciate the feedback, and I have some other photo pages coming up that I’ll have to layout, and I’ll send them in as well.

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