11 responses to “Michael Smith photo pages

  1. Swan Richards

    I have never seen a caption (lead photo) broken up into multiple columns. I know long line length is a no-no but not sure this is the way I would have gone. Also seems captions are bold. Are these typical features of a good design?

    • Swan: Yep…these are typical features of a good design. 1) We break into multiple columns because of the line length. 2) We go with a bold font so it can’t be confused with body text if a story wraps below the caption. Ed

      • Yes I agree with that too. The boxing one was nice because it was something unexpected. I like that the ropes are blurry in the foreground and that they aren’t fighting at the moment of the photo but you still know what just happened.

  2. Swan Richards

    We use italics for our captions, does that produce the same results of cleanly separating caption and copy?

  3. Thanks to all for the feedback. The ultimate fighting photo page is my newest which is why you see more white space than the others. Lately, I’ve been trying to add more white space to my photo pages.

    The distemper page did win an award, not for the design but for the photography. It won first place for best photo page or story. The award was for all the photos, not for a single one. The wildfire page won 2nd place in the same category. Hopefully I will get more feedback on the photo page design. Thanks all!

  4. I agree that injecting negative space works on the fight page, but there seems to be too much. One thing I’ve tried is to limit the use of white space on a single page. For me, the spacing on the Carolina in Command page is better. It adds impact for select photos and leads the eye to the bottom photos that stick to the standard columns. Just an observation.

  5. I really like the top boxing photo. Ed is right, I hope it won an award.

    On the fire story I think I would’ve preferred the photo of the 4 people looking at the flames as the lead photo instead of just the smoke photo. It seems to have more visual interest to me.

    Your Outbreak page gives me enough information with just the photos to get an idea of what was going on without reading the story. Very nice.

    • Marah: Actually, I was saying that about the lead photo on the Outbreak page—the one with the woman with tear in her eye. Very effective.


    • Thanks Marah. I’m saving the boxing/ultimate fighting photo for the 2010 contest since the 2009 contest deadline was Nov. 7, 2009. I almost used the 4 people silhouetted photo as dominant myself. I think I used the smoke photo because the school is in the heart of our coverage area and the silhouette photo was in the outer fringes. If I could do it over again, I would swap their positioning like you suggest.

  6. On the fire layout. I liked the people looking at the smoke the most as well…shows looming threat….a more imminent emotion.

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