2 responses to “Pages from: Matt Saxon | Catholic Courier

  1. Bob

    Matt: While I agree with Ed on many points, I disagree on a few, too.

    One of the points I disagree with Ed on is the large color numbers on your teasers. I even don’t mind the color tint behind that column once story; the color is part of the whole scheme for the page and appears to be pulled from the photo.

    The problem with the teasers is not so much the color or the similar size, but that it is confusing which photo the type goes with. I initially thought the type went with the photo to the right, largely I think because of the proximity of the page number. I would separate each teaser by a bit more white space and/or a thin line. I would also make the faces larger in the teasers. People are drawn to faces.

    Otherwise, I agree with Ed. Handsome work overall, BTW.

  2. Matt Saxon

    Thanks guys, I think I might try and flush those large page numbers to the left to link them better to the photos. In the printed edition they don’t come off as being quite so bold. (I original thought it squared off the 3 seperate teasers). The main photo always seems to be the draw.

    As for the jump photo spread, Ed, I agree that the copy should line up. This is something that would never happen on a true double truck. This however was not laid out as such…but what’s wrong with giving our photographers a little extra play? (we only label like this on Photo package pages other wise it’s tucked under the photos)

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