4 responses to “Winning pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. I really like the sports teasers, although I would have moved the volleyball one to the edge of the page like the soccer ball. Makes for a quick and consistent identification. The Interstate page really looked good, I thought. Would it have worked better to put the statistics above the body of the story, or would that have put the story too far down?

    The tourism tax page seemed to be a little too crowded, but I suspect someone who knows more about design than I will have good ideas for what should have been done there. :) It really needed more headline space some way or another.

  2. You know, these really are great vibrant pages! I seem to remember seeing a few of these here?!

  3. Love your work. Shows great range in your talent. Great job!

    • Thanks everyone. Some of the pages were here before but S.C. Press Association had an embargo on announcing award winners until late March. Others are new posts. Thanks everyone for the feedback; I never noticed the difference between the soccer ball and volleyball teasers until now!

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