Poll: Your page design software




Thanks to all who voted.

ADOBE HAS INTRODUCED Creative Suite 5! As in the past, the new software has a whole new set of capabilities. For those still on QuarkXPress, it will be another disappointment—knowing that there’s something much better out there and that they will have to continue to plod along with Quark. I know some who are still on Quark 4!

So, here’s our poll. Let us know what you’re using at your place—and don’t forget to leave a comment or two!


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6 responses to “Poll: Your page design software

  1. We upgraded to ID from Quark 4 (and in some cases 3.3) about five years ago. Some of our people are still using CS1.

  2. I retract that last. I did a double-check and the last CS1 users were upgraded last summer. We’re slowly but surely achieving uniformity. Now if we all had the same fonts…

  3. David Merrill

    We finally upgraded from Quark to InDesign late last year, and it’s been a relief to me. I started with Quark 3.3 back when Windows 3.1 was the hot new kid on the block, and it and Photoshop became my good friends (and generated some income). Quark’s propensity for crashing Windows burned into my brain the computer adage “Save early and often.” I got all the way to Quark 7.3 before I resigned myself to the fact that they had never solved that basic crashing issue, and although Kevin Slimp claims that Quark 8 has finally leveled the playing field with InDesign, I just couldn’t see spending our limited budget continuing on that path.

  4. Jay Dickerson

    I’m curious about those who voted “Other”–what are you using?

  5. Our building has several versions of InDesign installed- but not everywhere and are using the Ver. 6 Quark for news pages. We are forced to use a much older version (4.0) of it for our classifieds- due to the ‘baseview’ we are chained to for our database…. arrgghh. How many others out there have this same issue? I wish we could all upgrade to one thing on every workstation!!!

    • We are with you there, Lauri. We use Q6 for news, Q4 for classifieds/legals. Our databases (APT) for the two sides don’t talk. It gets super-frustrating. And what with the redundant export-import process we have to do to get things to film, we run a huge risk of press stops.

      A couple workstations have InDesign but only for commercial jobs — not our own stuff.

      For those using InDesign, what front-end system do you use?

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