7 responses to “Page from: Brian Lazzuri | The Casket

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice paper for 5,000 circ and very cool that it has been around for nearly 150 years.

    I agree with Ed – the nameplate is weak. And instead of burying the casket entirely behind the nameplate, I would give it a more three-dimensional look by putting part of it in front, part of it behind the type.

    I’m good with the cryptic teasers and nice job on the photos at top. Not sure I like the big blue squares – half that size would be classier.

    While obviously the hockey photo goes with the story at left, the package feels unattached. Perhaps “Championship legacy” could have been used as a banner across the top over both the story and photo. This would have made it the lead story (if in fact it is the lead). And the championship story has so many short graphs (and subsequent widows) that I would have opted for a 2 col treatment, with maybe even a pull quote to break it up a little.

    I like the white space in the street crime story box.

    I think the heads need to be kerned/tracked more tightly. I would prefer seeing a bolder main head instead of the demi – would contrast better with the subhead. The caption under the photo actually looks to be centered vertically between the photo and the boxed piece below it … it should be closer to the pic.

    • TO ALL:

      This comment, as you can see, is from “anonymous.” I struggled with the question of allowing it here but decided that the writer’s points were helpful and constructive enough that I should post it. What are your thoughts on anonymous contributions? OK? Not OK? OK under certain circumstances? Please offer feedback. Thanks. Ed.

      • David Merrill

        Ed, as long as all comments are being looked at before posting, I think anonymous is OK. It would be nice to know who’s saying what, especially if (as in this case) it’s constructive and clearly from a person with experience. But if someone is hesitant to sign their name to a comment, that shouldn’t prevent us from receiving their valuable feedback.

        • David:

          Thanks for your thoughts. As it works out, the comments were made by a long-time contributor—but computer glitches and the like meant the comments came across as “anonymous.” Not a big deal. But…as you mention, I think as long as I am looking at the comments before posting (which I do religiously!), it should be OK.

  2. I did not realize that the hockey photo went with the story on the left at first glance. I think it is because the story is longer on the left than it is on the right.

    Everything seems to be the same size (all of the news pieces). Maybe some variety and not everything so big would give you more room to add more stories to the front page like Ed noted.

    I do like the cutout of the basketball player and the idea of the clover but the nameplate seems a little cluttered. From all the comments on the blue boxes on the teasers, maybe take them off completely? They do draw alot of attention, otherwise I like the way you did them.

  3. Agree with most of the comments I’ve read. I like the idea of running the hockey head over the picture, too.
    One problem I see is the columns seem too wide to me.
    I love the name.

  4. Matt Saxon

    I also think the columns are too wide, and what’s with the cutout of the lady at the bottom? If it is meant to be a stand-alone I would rather see that boxed (and not cut out) than the second story. I’m also not sure why the second story has a larger headline than the top one.
    Ed, have I mentioned how much I dislike fuzzy edges (feathering) on photos?…cause I do.
    Is there anyway you could have one nice banner ad at the bottom vs. that gang of craziness? (Maybe rotate one each day for better impact)

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