Poll results: My pet peeve as a designer is…

THE RESULTS ARE IN. A total of 53 votes in this poll, with no clear-cut-absolutely-runaway response. The comments tell some tales.

Here’s the breakdown:

Comments and “other” entries were fascinating..and fun:

Two major peeves of mine:

1) A shoulder-lurker micromanaging a project (down to the font size).

2) Those certain 2 or 3 people that will come to you with 10+ sets of changes on any given project instead of figuring out what they wanted before they brought it to me to work on.


Being told to re-do something: duh, if it’s not already perfect, why?


Hovering “customer.”


Being a “living mouse” for a publisher who micromanages design work.


Graphics or files of insufficient quality.


Sales reps.


Being asked to redesign a finalized page.


Doing a nice, clean design only to have the advertiser or editor fill it up!


Someone standing over my shoulder, micromanaging a project (poorly).


Not having enough space for the art, or any good art.


Having so many other duties, I don’t get to design much.


Being told: “We’re producing a 56 page tab…in two days.”


Getting a centerpiece that’s pre-designed by the people at the budget meeting.

If you didn’t get your vote in…sorry, Charlie…the poll is closed. Another one coming in a week or two.



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5 responses to “Poll results: My pet peeve as a designer is…

  1. Can I change my vote?….I give a big AMEN to the top 2 peeves…At least we’re all in the same sinking boat, right?!?

  2. How about computers that can barely function? Printers that wont print?
    Clocking when im just trying to edit some text?

    Just adding some things to go with the list you have, which are all 100% true.

  3. Derek

    I have one more (pet peeve)… QUARK 7. Takes FOREVER to save, and crashes all the time (usually after I’ve forgotten to save after an hour or so of work). How I wish we used InDesign.

    Still, with all of these peeves being absolutely true – I am thankful to have my job, work with a mostly competent group of people, and that we are still printing papers every day.

  4. Matt Saxon

    Derek, I am with you. We use Quark 8 (jumped from 4 to 6 to 8) and am very disappointed with it. Would love (and have let it be known) to be using InDesign, but am very happy to still be employed in what I feel is one of the best/most fun fields out there, and while it continually changes I still love the atmosphere. (For some sick reason I loved the paste-up boards at 2 am and occasionally wouldn’t mind them still being around). Which makes me wonder why I can’t stand (as someone else stated) someone looking over my shoulder as I work, but didn’t even notice it during paste-up. Viva La Press!

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