4 responses to “Nameplate ideas from: Carrie Larson | The Sun

  1. I too, like the top two. But I would take the promos off the first one and put the second one’s promos on top of the first one.

  2. robert frank

    The top design seems the best, but it seems like there should be a couple more alternatives using the sun graphic, possibly with the designs below.

    The promos on the top seem to overshaddow your flag. Seems like the flag should be the predominant element at the top of the page.

  3. Jeff Holmquist

    I still like the sun graphic. I wouldn’t get away from that recognizable branding. I’d incorporate it somewhere in the nameplate. (From the guy who redesigned the paper in 1993.) Good luck.

  4. Derek

    I like the first one, keep the teasers and use that BOLD font.

    I would definitely lose the current sun graphic… looks like it belongs on a tanning salon sign. You could use a much more simple and subdued sun graphic that might compliment the clean boldness of the first example. Maybe a rising sun screened in behind the nameplate?

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