5 responses to “Pages from: Derek Schaper | Valdosta Scene

  1. On the swimming package: I think the underwater photo works because that’s how it really looks when you are trying to see stuff underwater. It’s just such an unusual shot to begin with. The bubble-y pull quote works for me too- because the whole story is just cute.
    I agree with Ed about the instructor pic. It needs some action. But maybe there weren’t any classes at the time of interview.

    Regarding the radio station package: I think I like it just how it is. Only thing that really grabs me as being too out there: the giant red “QUOTE” marks. These could be a bit smaller. I’m guessing it’s a style book thing that keeps it consistent throughout the magazine.

  2. Lori Freeze

    On the swimming pages, I might have blended the swimmer photo into a color block so that the headline could be moved away from the subject, then made the right hand photo smaller. Eliminate the exact middle page split.

    On the radio personality, this is a news package, right? I would not be comfortable “painting objects out” of the photos. I’m not fond of putting the headline over on the left away from the story start. I like the nice, big photos of an attractive subject.

    • Lori: I would have no trouble painting out that white thing in the background—precisely because I consider this to NOT be a news package. It’s in a monthly magazine…I don’t see it as news but a personality piece. Someone please correct me here if I’m wrong!!!!

  3. Marc Stumbo

    Radio personality piece: Ed’s right – it’s a featch.

    Swimming piece: The middle page split is good – above water, underwater … each get the same space. The photo at right could have been way better with some action, especially kids in the water. If there weren’t any classes scheduled at the time of the interview, then either schedule the interview when there are classes or go back when there are and do the shoot. The blurry underwater pic worked very well for me – no matter the reason why it turned out that way. It accentuates the overlay type, making the type be the only thing in focus. But in a headline, even a stylized head/subhead combination like this one, do not use double quotes – single quotes should be the rule here. The bubble pull quote graphically works for me but is more than a bit too cutesy – I would have gone with something graphically simpler that would have had the same effect.

  4. Derek

    Thanks guys, for all the feedback. I didn’t get a chance to go back and check this out until today. I appreciate you all taking the time to let me know what you thought.

    As for the photo quality/action/lack-of-action, we have 1 and 1/2 photographers that take all of our newspaper photos and my magazine photos. I have to work with what I’m given and I spend a lot of time trying to salvage the best photos to make things look more interesting.

    I also knew I was crossing the cutesy line by using the bubbly quote bubbles… but for some reason I really liked the way they looked.

    Thanks again!

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