9 responses to “Pages from: Christopher Foulds | Kamloops This Week

  1. Emily Killian

    It’s a minor nit-pick, but several of the photos tell the exact same “story.” There are four shots with his hands up. I wonder if there might have been some other shots you could have used to mix it up a little more… at the same time, I understand that sometimes you have to work with what you’re given in terms of art!

  2. Matt Saxon

    NO fuzzy edges in photos, unless your doing an ad for a funeral home. I can not not tell, but you should have a rule on all the photos, and don’t float cutlines. I like big photos. I agree with Ed on the headline, at least they should be kerned together a little. I am not a fan of ragged text for a paper. I would have justified it all. Overall not bad for someone without any design experience, just remember once you learn how to cutout pics, that dosen’t mean you have to cut out all the pics.

    • NO (your caps) feathered edges in photos…EVER (my caps)???!!! I think there are times where they can/should be used. And…I have clients that don’t use frames on fotos—it’s their style and it works very well for them (and me).

      I’m a big fan of ragged text and I have taken many of my redesigns in that direction. It’s no more difficult to read and obviates nagging wordspacing and letterspacing problems.

      Absolutely agree with you that cutout photos need to be used sparingly—and in the right circumstances.

      My two cents.

      • Matt Saxon

        I think those frames help hide the ever unattentive pressman when that cyan starts to sneak away as he reaches for his sandwich. (not that I have ever seen that happen)

        • OK…but how about if you get excellent press work and cyan creep is not a factor?

          And…would you use feathered edges on fotos if the story were about a ballerina?

  3. Matt Saxon

    …and no, feathered edges should not be used in a story about a pugilist. A greeting card company maybe, but not a pugilist.

  4. I’ll disagree with Matt here, especially in the top-left where the headline crosses the edge of the photo. The text leads the eye into the art better with a feather than it would with a border, I think.

    • Matt Saxon

      Well, I’m not sure one letter of a headline should cross the edge of the photo. To me it looks like the type just didn’t fit.

  5. Header reads “reaching uglyism” when I first look at it and the font doesn’t quite work for me. Not a fan of the feathered edges here, but it doesn’t really take away from what you’ve done.

    One fairly insignificant detail that does bother me is the big “M” starting your body text… just the fact that the word “opponent” is left hanging out by itself under the M. I would’ve sized the M so that either more text was under it or none at all.

    Altogether a good composition I’d say, but a little variety in the photos would’ve helped a lot. Nice job overall.

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