4 responses to “Pages from: Patricia Parmer | The Lovell Chronicle

  1. Pat

    Thanks for the helpful comments. Text was justified on the last page … because I forgot. Our style guide is nonexistent, except in my head.

    Grouping photos … will do.

    I’m hoping there’s another green house feature in the works. I’ll share this with the writer …

  2. What?! Share information with a writer?! Why would we wanna do that???!!!

    …OK, that’s just me being a smart aleck.

  3. David Merrill

    As usual, I second Ed’s comments, but I have a couple of other issues as well.

    One is the pull quote on the first page. It’s visually lost beneath the cutline, and it’s not really of any value to the reader (especially under a headline that includes the words “peace”, “isolation”, and “wilderness”). If you needed to fill just that small amount of space, I’m sure you could have done it by resizing/recropping a photo. In my book, a pull quote should serve a purpose other than just filling space.

    The other is the color adjustment of the photos in part three. This may be out of your hands, but it’s worth a comment anyway. Besides being dark and low-contrast, both photos have significant bluish-green casts, which makes the whole page feel blue and dark, as though a storm is brewing.

    Nit-picking R Us!

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