Weeklies using Facebook?

GOT AN INQUIRY earlier today from Editor/General Manager Barry Hoff at the Bloomer Advance in Bloomer, WI.

Do you know of any weekly newspaper that has a facebook page and is utilizing it well?”

I told Barry I couldn’t think of one off the top of my head but that I’d be happy to post his question here.

Any of you at a weekly that’s using facebook—and doing well with it? If so, please post your comments here and I’ll be sure they get back to Barry!


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5 responses to “Weeklies using Facebook?

  1. North Oakville Today is posting our weekly headlines to a facebook page, as well as a photo of our front cover. We’ve got a really, really small editorial staff, but we’re looking at daily/as-it-happens updates as well.

  2. We have a Facebook page and it is linked to our Twitter page as well. We use ours a lot to post events, reminders such as Early Voting going on right now in Texas and a preview to what is going to be in this week’s paper. We’ve also used ours to post photos of breaking news with a teaser to this week’s paper or post links to articles on our website. Our girls basketball team made the playoffs but the game too late to put in the print edition so we posted the news on our website and teased it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. People really seem to like it! Our Facebook site is The Ozona Stockman.

  3. We’ve been using Facebook for more than one year at our weekly Catholic newspaper. We have a “fan” page and a group page, which allow us reach more people depending on their preferences. We post links to stories, our photo galleries and multimedia. Check us out at http://www.facebook.com/TheCompassNews

  4. We have been using Facebook for our weekly for quite some time now. We post a photo of our front page on the site, along with some teaser info about what’s inside, the same day it hits the news stands.
    We publish breaking news, such as accidents and fires, and photos of community events. We also use it as a reminder to folks for certain events. When we publish a tidbit about a breaking story, we also use it to point people to our website for the full story if it’s in between editions.
    People also use it occasionally to communicate with us.

  5. The Review newspaper, a weekly that covers Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, just signed up for Facebook and Twitter last week. It seems that our fan page is generating a lot of attention with local readers, plus we can share story ideas before publication and link to our top stories after they go to print.

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