4 responses to “Pages from: Lauri Shillings | Journal Review

  1. Judy Salter

    That wide spacing could be fixed by simply making it a new graph, don’t you think? I didn’t really “read” it, just scanned, but it seemed as if it would work. If that graph just must stay together, I’d squeeze the type.

  2. Judy Salter

    I think the round ads are cool! I wouldn’t have gotten away with it, and even would not be able to now if I were back at my last paper. But they WOULD float ads in the center of the page if they could get enough money for the privilege.

  3. Emily Killian

    I love, love, LOVE the round ads!

  4. I guess I had an advantage, because I spec’d this page out prior to ad sales. They took a mock up to the clients with the round ads already in place. Editorial didn’t mind as I was responsible for getting the page done, rather than them!

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