2 responses to “Page from: Mark Weber | Southwest Newspapers

  1. I like the darker impact of the bold face font in the sub headings.
    I agree with Ed on the serif in the body copy. How about something more like the cut line font- only in a lighter style, not bold.
    Also, the yellow box on left page, I think it should be at the top of the column, or at least flush with bottom of text columns. It hangs lower than the rest.
    I do like the overall feel of the spread. Will there be a headline of some sort on the top of the right page? It seems to be missing something there to anchor it. I realize it’s in the formative stages. It’s a great start!

  2. Emily Killian

    Try Utopia for body copy – it’s nice (and pretty condensed overall, so you get a lot of words in a smaller space.) : )

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