3 responses to “Page from: Emily Killian | The Star

  1. David Merrill

    I’d pick one more nit, and it’s actually not something you did, Emily, but something your page layout software did that you didn’t notice. It’s a pet peeve of mine that shows up in pretty much all software that uses “smart quotes” (replacing straight quotes with curly ones).

    It’s in the bottom headline, “Come and get ’em!” That’s supposed to be an apostrophe at the beginning of the last word, but your program has put in an opening single quote instead. Most proofreaders won’t catch that, but for me it leaps off the page.

    Other than that, and my agreement with Ed’s nit-picking as well, it’s a great page, and I think the organization of information on the page prevents it from being too busy.

  2. Like Ed, I had a problem with the puppy cutout as well. The top of the head is disturbing a little, but not as much as the “Thing” from the “Adam’s Family” holding the puppy up. I don’t really like using photos as cutouts if they’re not condusive to be cut out.

  3. Marc Stumbo

    I agree with David — first thing that hit me was the open single quote … and so BIG — yikes! It’s also totally distracting that the puppy’s head is cut off. I do like the concept however — it’s a fun page.

    A few more nits: I noticed that the bottoms of the columns don’t line up; for instance, in the piece at the bottom of the page it looks like the byline tag has a smaller line leading than the rest of the lines in that leg, and in the second leg the Pet Corner graphic pushes the leg down too far. And in the main story, third leg, the Looking To The Future subhead shouldn’t be broken like that — the inset should have been moved up a little to make both lines of the subhead line up flush left.

    It’s the little things…

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