3 responses to “Pages from: Patricia Parmer | The Lovell Chronicle

  1. David Merrill

    Yes, the articles are indeed incredibly wordy. The reporters may see this as “digging deep” or “giving the whole story”, but they desperately need some merciless editing. It’s almost as though they’re writing a primer on each topic, and that’s especially true with the county attorney story. It’s sort of condescending to readers.

    And all that text gives you a whole lotta gray to work with, which crowds out graphics and photos. Not an enviable situation for the designer.

    In addition to Ed’s comment about headline hierarchy, my impression of the front page is that it’s “blocked” in three horizontal stripes, which is not visually attractive at all. Because all the stories jump, you have some leeway in how you treat this page, and I’d suggest that, with all that gray to deal with, you push more of the gray to the inside and try to unblock the front and put more visual interest there. The vertical graphic on page 6 could have helped page 1, and if the county attorney story was important enough to have the largest headline on page 1, perhaps it was important enough to take a little more space on that page — even to be featured there. The Freudenthal head-shot could have run, much smaller, on that story’s jump page to give a little more elbow room on page 1.

    Of course, it’s easy for us kibitzers to tear your stuff apart after the fact. I understand what you meant when you said, “Production has very little time to get the pages ready for proofing,” and perhaps horizontal blocks are all you have time for on page 1. But if that’s the case, do you suppose you could talk your superiors into pushing the story, photo, and even ad deadlines just a little earlier to give you more time to work out your design? It could make a big difference, not only to the look of the paper, but also to your state of mind.

    • Thanks, David. Very helpful comments here.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the comments …

      I will be watching hierarchy on the headlines in the future.

      The courts story was meant as a primer for readers. We get comments about why someone was released, not charged, etc., and this story was an attempt to explain the judicial process.

      I would love a deadline for at least some stories/photos, but we have no story or photo deadlines and will re-design pages to get a late photo or story into the week’s edition. I will gently suggest some deadlines for the inside pages.

      The ad deadline is early so that we can start page design (I design all of the ads, also), but without stories or photos it’s usually an early day and we come back in the morning to design (?) as stories are finished, and photos placed in the server.

      Is it better to have very grey inside pages (and concentrate the photos and graphics on the outer and feature pages) or to try to place at least one photo on each page?

      The Chronicle has a weekly circulation of 1,700 and serves north Big Horn County (five communities, two school districts).

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