Pages from: Lee Swets | Memphis Business Journal

I’M HAPPY TO CALL Lee Swets, Design Editor at the Memphis Business Journal, a friend. We see each other only every few years but when we do, it’s like we’re just picking up where we left off in the same conversation.

Lee is one of my favorite designers, a guy who helps to set the framework, then works within it…and also knows just when to bend the rules. And how far to bend them.

The Memphis Business Journal is one of my favorite designs, and Lee is a big reason why. A couple of recent pages from Lee follow.

So…what are your thoughts? Like? Don’t like? What changes would you suggest?


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2 responses to “Pages from: Lee Swets | Memphis Business Journal

  1. kn.

    I love the truck page. The balance seems particularly nice. Using a toy for the distortion is smart! It’s realistic without being distressing.

    For the second page, still like it, but somehow not as much. Get up a little higher in a bucket truck for the photo, to adjust the perspective just a bit. Eliminate the leasing promo, the one without a face, to knock the symmetry in that area a little off kilter. (It’s splitting hairs, perhaps.)

    I’m mildly bugged that the initial cap point size for the stick of text is larger than the headline point size. I get the purpose of the initial cap but might knock it back a line or so.

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