You win some…and you win some

EVERY MONTH, I NAME TWO WINNERS for participation in this blog. The first award is for best page submitted, the second for best comment.

This time, we have a double-double…because I forget to name January winners for submissions in December.

Each first-time winner will receive a free pdf copy of my first book, Henninger on Design. Two-time winners receive a free pdf copy of my second book, 101 Henninger Helpful Hints. Three times is a charm: You receive the undying gratitude of everyone who visits this blog! I mean…I only have the two books—for now.

December winners: Anne Clark, for her front page of The Catholic Miscellany and David Merrill, for his comments on Will Franklin’s All-Area football page. Anne and David are both first-time winners.

January winners: Michael Smith, for his penny page and Emily Killian for her comments on Marc Stumbo’s Haiti spread. Michael is a two-time winner and this is Emily’s first visit to the winner’s circle.

Congrats to all…and…watch your email!


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One response to “You win some…and you win some

  1. Wow, thank you very much! As always, it’s a collaborative effort, and we really appreciate it.

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