8 responses to “Two more pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. The penny page is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, the graphic is very eye-catching, and I like the way you used the open sections of the penny to include more information. The headline above it is perfect.
    One quibble – the story jumps right in the middle of a last name. I’m sure it was tough to get the text right with the curve there, but I think I’d have left a little gap and jumped after “John” instead of “John Fes-.”
    I can’t imagine walking by a copy and not picking up that edition.

  2. I love the penny page! I’ll have to try that. I often run into trouble getting art that’s high-enough resolution to blow up like that.

    Our high school’s championship sport is wrestling, too. For some reason, none of our sports guys have ever been able to take a wrestling photo that doesn’t look at least a little obscene. It makes it an act of will not to play down the photo on the page.

    The second wrestling photo goes really well at the bottom, because the image of the boys’ heads down gives the impression of them straining under whole page’s weight.

  3. Linda Buhman

    One thing jumped out at me with the wrestling page. The headlines on the top and right bottom story have too much leading. I don’t “read” them as one head.

  4. Marc Stumbo

    I concur with Linda – the line leading threw me at first glance and I had trouble getting past that – in my head it’s a distraction that affects how I view the whole package. In addition, the single line headline, the photo credit/caption under the main photo and the caption under the secondary photo all have WAY too much line leading.

  5. Marc Stumbo

    On the penny page: The growth coming out of Lincoln’s forehead totally distracts me. I would have retouched that way early on in the design process. And I agree with Ed: The penny needs to be more copper, less gold.

  6. Thanks everyone. The penny was a photo I took on my desk. That’s probably why it looks the color it does. Didn’t even notice the smudge by Lincoln’s head, though :). Thanks, though, for the feedback. We do a lot of investigative work into white collar stories that are hard to illustrate graphically with our limited staff (hate to give excuses, but I also wrote the story too..)

    On wrestling, sometimes photo selection is also about pleasing parents. Sometimes it goes against great design, but as an editor I’ve found parents love seeing their kids in print, no matter what the design is :) On the leading, it is the original leading from our redesign. I’m hesitant to alter it without further consultation from an expert.

    • I hafta agree with Michael on the leading in the headlines. I think the spacing is fine. Perhaps a bit too much for some folks but the open leading helps to give the page a more comfortable feel.

  7. By the way, I’ve got more pages coming soon. I’m really glad everyone’s taking time to look at my pages and commenting on them. I hope to have even more pages coming soon. I really want this blog to grow because anything page design related can only help all of us!!!!!

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