Better late…

THIS WEEK’S POST comes to you a couple of days later than usual. Chalk it up to a series of events, including a sojourn into computer hell on Monday and a day of travel and meetings today.

The computer debacle began late Sunday evening and grew into an all-day event yesterday when we were struck by a “perfect storm” on Julia’s Mac Mini. Her external backup drive had been giving us problems for about a month. After “fixing” that with a diagnostic and repair DVD, the DVD would not eject from the Mini—and the Mini would not start up. Now I had two disks that would not function and a possible loss of at least a dozen years of important company and family financial data. Only some of that was on my computer, but transactions for the past three weeks would have been lost.

Off to see Davis McCarn, my computer repair “guru.” But what’s a 50-mile round trip and nothing to eat all day—on top of only five hours sleep Sunday evening—when we’re dealing with impending data-loss disaster? Dave works his magic in his garage/office/shop, retrieving the data from the Mini. I could have kissed him! Well, that’s overstating it a bit but I was one v-e-r-y happy camper. Oh, and Dave also deduces the problem with the external backup disk: A faulty power supply. The man is a whiz!

So…to the Charlotte Apple Story to drop off the Mini for repair. They tell me 7-10 business days for the fix and…it’s still under AppleCare (there is a God!). Finally home—just in time to get ready for today’s flight to LGA and 1.5 hour drive out on Long Island.

So, no, the dog did not eat my homework and I have a legit reason for running late this week.

Not that you needed all this detail…but I needed the catharsis of telling the story. So…there!


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2 responses to “Better late…

  1. Computers . . . gotta love ’em . . . except when they don’t work! :-)

    I’m glad you’re back in business without losing all of your data! Hopefully, you got to catch up on lost sleep.

    Take care . . .

    • Thanks. Got word today from the Apple Store that it’s already fixed. I love my Macs…even those that occasionally give me some problems. Sooooo glad I don’t live in a Windoze world!

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