4 responses to “Page from: Kristin Coker | The Times and Democrat

  1. Lauri Shillings

    I think the text works in this instance… Only because I like the placement of the photos. They carry the eye down the page.
    If she had used a 2 col. format, there would have been a weird leg of text under the bottom photo that was orphaned from the rest. As a reader you wouldn’t know if that orphan ‘graph was part of column 1 above or from col. 2 to the right – so, it works for me.

  2. David Merrill

    The gift-wrapped page is a very nice idea to guide the design.

    I agree with Kristin that the vertical headline doesn’t connect with the ribbon, and thus becomes just a hard-to-read headline whose curves and single quotes (the final one practically lost in the ribbon) enhance the reader’s difficulty. An actual dangling ribbon, with the headline type reversed or embossed in it, might have been a workable option.

    And I agree with Ed that stretching small type across a really wide space is a stretch for the reader as well. A two-column layout, besides shortening the text lines for the reader, would have allowed the bottom photo to lie over the gutter instead of at the left margin, which would have allowed the text runaround a tighter visual match with the curves of the vertical ribbon/headline.

  3. Will C. Franklin

    With the exception of certain instances, any kind of script text bugs me when it comes to headlines. Granted, for holidays it makes sense with ribbons, etc., so I see where you’re going there. The two things that jumped out at me more than anything, really, is 1.) What is the dominant art on the page? Or are you going with an ‘overall package dominant art’ thing? 2.) The font color in the story looks darker on the left side going down the page. I’m not sure if this is a printing issue (or processing one) but it just stood out to me.

    OK, that’s the bad stuff, now for the good stuff. I love the gradient blend you have across the entire page. It blends quite nicely and fits with what you’re doing overall. I’m kinda torn with the large leg of type, but at the same time, I understand why you really couldn’t go with two legs of type for this one. (I know that doesn’t help, but it’s New Year’s Eve, I’m at work and my brain isn’t turned on)

    Overall, it’s a nice page, but not one of your best. Don’t worry, still beats what I do! :) LOL

  4. I like the package a whole lot. I think the headline is as it should be, otherwise you’d have the headline competing with the Section head.

    Normally I don’t like wide legs of text, but it is what was requested. Speaking strictly as an editor who deals directly with my own readership, sometimes the best design takes a backseat to requests, so I get that.

    I disagree that there’s no dominant art. My editor’s eye considers the top photo and ribbon as one package instead of two separate elements.

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