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I SOMETIMES FORGET what it is that makes this blog so important to me. Then someone comes along who asks for help—and  (better yet!) someone else comes along to offer that help.

The latest was the request from Stu Neilson. See “Seeking your ideas…” three posts down from here.

Stu was asking for ideas for a Christmas week front page. I offered some comments and asked you for other ideas.

Then comes this note from Lauri Shillings:

“I’m too much of a visual person to just write down my ideas, better to sketch and send on. Hope you can decipher my chicken scratching. Seems he would need to explain why these wishes were on the page. If I were a reader, I would want to know if these were just fun things to read about, or if they were a plea to help out for Christmas.

Here are 2 ideas for him…. since he wanted to avoid the photos, this seemed more like it should be an interior page, rather than the front. Not sure what his color capabilities are.

Also wondered if the Christmas wish was just a posting of the kids wishes, or if they had a ‘wish tree’ that they were trying to help less fortunate kids with. Could be a good public tie-in if these wishes were on a wish tree in the lobby or something. That might be too much since he’s doing 12 jobs right now anyway. Best of Luck on that, Stu!”

Lauri’s sketches follow.

Here’s the rest of the story: After Lauri shared her ideas with Stu, he sent her a pdf of a page that ran some years ago…a page strikingly similar to the “tree” idea Lauri had suggested.

Here it is:

Proof again: What goes around comes around.

What about you? Any ideas for Stu? I’ll be happy to pass them along.


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