4 responses to “Page from: Marc Stumbo | The Beacon

  1. Love, love, love . . . . love the symmetry, love the graphic element. Looks clean, colorful and sophisticated. LOVE!

  2. Will C. Franklin

    I agree (as usual) with Kristin. The only issue I have is that it almost seems too busy. I like what you have done with the imagery, but for a spread like that, I don’t know if eight photos and two breakouts might not be a bit too much. The photo of the church at the top is very nice and very colorful. It’s a shame you couldn’t have played that a bit bigger. Otherwise, though, I think you did a bang-up job with what you had there.

  3. Marc Stumbo

    Kristin: Thanks so much for your kind comments – I really appreciate your response. I am a big fan of your work. Given the subject matter I felt the symmetry of the page worked. Will: Thank you for your input as well. I agree it is busy. In fact I had the main photo considerably larger and it looked much better – especially once I darkened the sky, which added contrast to the overlay type and made the basilica really pop out – but the bottom of the spread then looked like an afterthought. I had fewer photos at the bottom and the vertical ones larger, but with our short tab (14″ image area) I just didn’t have enough height to pull that off. I ended up striking a balance. As a crusty old sod from my letterpress days told me once: “Do your best and move on … it ain’t gonna hang in the Louvre.”

  4. I’m gonna break with Will on this one; I think the heavy graphic content was perfect, especially given the subject matter. Cathedrals are very visually-oriented buildings.

    But I’ll bet those photos across the fold made your pressmen utter some words not in keeping with the Second Commandment. :)

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