Another request for quick help!

FROM A CLIENT PUBLISHER comes this request for quick help:
“We are mass mailing our newspaper to everyone in our county on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
We need to make a great impression.
In our Arts&Entertainment section front we are planning a holiday calendar.

By any chance do you have an samples of designs for something similiar you could pass along?”

I’ve sent him a note saying I had no such calendar in my files—but that I was placing his appeal on my blog and he should check here occasionally.

If you have ideas, please send them along in a quick comment.

Better yet, if you have holiday calendar pages in your files, please send them to me ASAP and I’ll forward them.

Attach them to an e-mail to:



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5 responses to “Another request for quick help!

  1. Lauri Shillings

    Is this pic of the tree going to be used?
    If so, I would center it (large) and run 2 columns of text down either side. Then run text box a listing under it in 4-5 columns format. Running page header or nameplate at top.

  2. We don’t do a holiday calendar, but on our annual calendar during the summer we use lots of small photos from the previous year’s events. Sometimes scattered, sometimes aligned along the bottom.

  3. Will C. Franklin

    I don’t have a calendar file, but I do have some thoughts. Simple is always good (too much of a good thing is a bad thing). Simple calendar with pictures of events (like Emily mentioned, maybe something from last year) highlighting what the event might be. If you have a series of events, maybe you could color-code your calendar. For instance, if you have four straight days of the “Yuletide Bliss Festival” (I’m making that up of course) then you could color-code those days on the calendar with a color like blue or something. Easy eye-to-brain recognition. You don’t even have to read what it is to know that it’s similar or attached in some way.

    Other than that, can’t really think of anything else. Good luck!

  4. Here are some ideas from Peter Gamage, Publisher at the Daily Item in Lynn, MA:

    Hi Ed – Dunno as we have a ‘calendar’ per se but we do have a separate section titled “Holiday Happenings” running 4 consecutive Fridays, Nov. 27 thru Dec 18.
    The two areas of content in this one section are:
    • Classified sell of gifts ideas/promotion messages running in ‘A-Z’ boxes (double-truck for full color).
    • New products/gift ideas content (w/ large art, too Ed!) with little railroad cars of smaller local display ads around the edge of the pages sold by retail adv.
    • We then wrap it up with a single ‘Night Before Christmas’ poem and Santa artwork page(not included in the 4 Friday runs), again,sponsored by local retail advertisers.

    Also, yes, new product display & story content are ‘advertorial’ and, yes again, size and frequency of ads drives the size & length of your advertorial ‘reader.’ A little different twist for the Newsroom to get used to, but hey…it’s 2009 and the economy is no better here than anywhere else.
    Dunno if this helps your publisher, but any of these ideas can run separately; we just planned this one waaaay ahead of sked and decided to combine all formerly separate sells into the same ROP section on pre-weekend day.

    And, so, a happy turkey day 2 U!


    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Peter!

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