8 responses to “Page from: Scott Hunter | The Star

  1. I would add drop the gradient in NorthStar and drop the whole nameplate down more so there is more ‘sky’ at the top. This will lead to putting the white inside tabs closer together … not so spaced out.

  2. Glen Argan

    I would either get rid of those indexers or do something different with each of them — perhaps do 2 indexers with a tiny photo each, placed above the flag and then a major head below the flag so that we know why there is this staged photo of a bunch of people on the cover of your magazine.

  3. Hi Scott,
    I agree with Ed on most points but I was going to take you on a different route. Try bringing your mast down two-three inches from the top and having your promos set above your mast. I like the inset boxes and you can keep them with the promos, but try punching them up a bit. Experiment with a larger font or play with the sizes. (the top line can be larger than the page #)

  4. Thanks all. That gives me a lot of great suggestions to work on.

    • It’s why this blog is here.

    • Judy Salter

      Scott, I’m no longer designing pages, but the very first thing I’d do is change the promo boxes. They aren’t pointing at anything but blue sky. I agree, drop your flag and put something above it (hey I’m working off a migraine) and either center the promos and them point alternatively at the flags. I’m not sure this would work. I’m not in a position to try it at the present. Have you thought of using the shapes of badges? Good luck.

  5. Will C. Franklin

    I think we’re missing something here. The focus should be the people in the photo, but yet they all seem lost in the vast amount of sky. I worry about centering promos in the middle of the sky — might take away from the people in the picture even more. I like Kristin’s idea (of course, I like most of her ideas) of dropping your masthead and doing maybe two large(r) promos above it with art. This serves two purposes: 1.) it gives you a nice window into the publication and 2.) it would take up some of that free blue space, if you will.

    The gradient on NorthStar doesn’t bother me as much, but I agree with everyone else that you need to drop the shadow behind the news and views. Good luck!

  6. Matt Saxon

    Any thoughts on rotating the whole design 90 degrees? You could make those people larger and get rid of all that extra sky.

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