5 responses to “Pages from: Emily Killlian | The Shelby Star

  1. Glen Argan

    I have the same question as Ed. But as a feature page, I think it works beautifully. If the story is tremendously compelling then, sure, devote the whole front page to it. If it isn’t then you’re just going to disappoint your readers.

  2. I take a different view as a small weekly publisher. As we try to differentiate ourselves from other media and preach local, local, local, we often don’t have three or four stories that are worthy of front page play. I also believe news is what we say it is.
    No, this may not directly connect with many in their community, but I am strongly moved by the story in nearby Fayetteville of a young girl who was found murdered.
    I suspect the Star again, in their innovative ways, hit a homer with readers, despite serving a rather conservative community.

    • Barry:

      We’re on the same side when it comes to local, local local. My point was that we should do this story if it connects with most readers, but NOT to reward extraordinary effort from a reporter. We should come to expect occasional extraordinary effort—that’s why we have that person on staff. And there are other rewards such as bonuses, entry in contests and the like. Even a letter of commendation placed in the reporter’s personnel file. We do not give a story extraordinary play just because someone put out extra effort. It still has to meet the criteria of proximity and impact . If this story does that, so much the better.

  3. Emily Killian

    I guess I should clarify…. the one-story front decision was the editor’s — not the designer’s. The rationale for having it as a one-story front is that it is part of a “Who got killed” series that we started to give readers insight into the lives of children in our county. It was sparked after an elementary school-aged student walked up to a reporter on a murder scene and nonchalantly asked, “Who got killed?”

    Anyway, I hope that background information helps clarify.

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