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An update from Ed

UPDATE LOGO FOR BLOGAS ALWAYS, I need your help to keep this blog going. No pages…no comments…no blog.

To this point, we’ve been pretty lucky: just when it seems there won’t be any pages on a given week, someone offers a submission. So we’re making it happen, but just…

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Then Christmas. Then New Year’s Day. Then SuperBowl.

So here’s an idea: Send me your special section fronts (or spreads), your front pages, your holiday features fronts, your Sports pages for SuperBowl (and the day after!). If only a half-dozen of you send pages—and get your designers and editors to join in—we’ll have lots of submissions.

Scrambling for pages is something I just never thought I’d have to do. This is just taking longer to catch on than I thought. So gather up those pages soon and send them this way.

And please spread the word! This blog is for you and your colleagues. The more submissions, the more readers, the more comments…the better.

This blog can become an important tool for news designers and editors—but only if we have more designers and editors join in the fun.

Send your pages to: edh@henningerconsulting.com.


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Just for fun: It started as a newspaper photo


IT WAS JUST A PHOTO in a newspaper—but it became the inspiration for Jarbas Agnelli to create music, using the birds as notes.

I’ve heard that this has been done before. That’s OK. It’s here for you to enjoy. To see the video and read more about it, click here.


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