9 responses to “Pages from: Abby Westcott | The Wilson Times

  1. I know having ads on the front is very hard to contend with, and sometimes you just have to make it work. With that said, I do have some criticisms. The large blue mast at the top interferes with your ads on the Caramel Corn Page. I wonder if your advertisers actually like that.
    Maybe by changing from a blue reverse type-faced mast at the top to a blue type-faced mast would accomodate the ads and look less harsh. It would also keep the blue that you want on the page.

    Plus, I am a fan of large headlines and drops caps, but, on your “Corn” page your drop cap is larger than your main head. I actually thought that “A” was the headline before I saw Caramel Corn. Also, the type over the popcorn makes it hard to read.

    For your “Fruit Spirit” page the only criticism I have is the placement of art elements. Your tinted orange recipe box would have looked better away from the ad package. With all the ads on the right you would want to balance your design so it won’t look heavy on the right side. By placing your tinted box at the left or in center it would have looked less heavy on the right. Plus, I understand that the ad blocks can be a pain to work with, but, the one recipe at the top right looks almost disregardable. I almost don’t even see it because my eye doesn’t want me to go up there. It needs to flow a little better.
    Overall, not bad, just needs a little tweaking.

  2. Abby-

    I liked most of what you did. I like the big heads in color, and while type over art may be a little hard to read, I appreciate your willingness to be creative with art elements. I agree with Kristin’s comments generally.
    The whole ads on section fronts thing is something that some of us are just going to have to live with. I remember papers from the 1950’s with section front ads, though that was considered premium ad position and reserved for larger advertisers, and I would still prefer that.
    I think the re-design of the Daily Times did was courageous, well executed, and hopefully will pay off in the long run.

  3. laura

    I like what I see. The page has zip both in its design and sponsoring advertiser. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Matt Saxon

    I like the caramel corn page but agree that A is way to big, and perhaps you could lighten up or remove the image behind the microwave box.

    I also don’t think an ad should just be overlapping the mast head. Ads should be sold in a way that, if stacked, they are even up to the top of the page (with a little air). If they must go to the top of the page maybe pull the masthead over a bit giving the ads that website feel everyone seems to want.

    On the fruit page, I don’t think I would ever use that space on the right for editorial copy. I would just bump them all up with a house ad on the bottom…Check out our website for more recipe ideas or what ever you may be plugging. I also think the headline and photo compete a little too much. They both seem like the same big block size and should be altered to have one dominate image or focal point.

  5. We’ve been contending with section-front ads (including the front page – gah!) for about ten years, and I agree with Barry. Heck, we can get used to anything. Yours are at least nicely done. I’ve been crossing my fingers hoping my publisher won’t decide to run a special ad section for divorce lawyers on the wedding announcement page or something equally tasteful.

    I love your big solid headlines and drop caps. The caramel corn behind the text was a little tricky to read but not overly so. Maybe fading the graphic behind the box a little more would help. It’s hard to tell at this size, though.

    Ed, here’s a thought. Can you upload pictures at a larger size and then scale them down for the blog post? Blogger does graphics that way, with a link in the picture so you can embiggen it. I’d be surprised if WordPress couldn’t do the same. That way we can get a closer look at the details.

  6. The ads are definitely bothersome. Would the powers-that-be agree to place them across the bottom of the page so that you avoid the dog-leg situation at the top? That would leave you a better space to work with.

    I agree, that A is a little TOO big, and the caramel corn background could have been left off the recipe box.

  7. Dianne Walker

    I agree with everything said above, except that I like the ads on the side. I’ve never tried that. Maybe this next week.

  8. Thanks everyone! There’s not a whole lot I can do about the ad stacks because that’s what our redesign was, but I do agree that overlapping the flag with the ads is because obnoxious.

    It’s always interesting to hear criticisms because it’s things you don’t see after you’ve looked a page for so long. On top of that, the people looking at my pages don’t have an eye for design so sometimes I can overlook what actually looks good.

    The blue mast at the top was also part of our redesign. Changing that would also change the entire paper.

    With that said, I have left the Wilson Times because I got a new position at a paper in Marietta, Georgia. We will be going through a redesign soon so stay tuned!

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