9 responses to “Page from: Melanie Byer | The Item

  1. Hi Melanie:

    The page looks great. One thing I would have done was to actually make the photos have rounded corners and to fit the oil container’s rounded lines.

    That would have totally broke you a way from using squares and rectangles to hold your image content. ;)



  2. Emily Killian

    Although I don’t regularly design pages any more, here are my 2 cents…

    I would have made the headline have a lot more punch, sent a story or two inside to give it breathing room and probably would have eliminated a photo. The bottle, at least on my screen, also looks a little too clipart-ish.

    But on the plus side, I’ll bet the yellow was eye-catching in the rack!

  3. Melanie,
    I love the graphic. Works well.
    I would have moved it up above the fold. Teased the “answer” a bit more. Gotten in someone’s face with an oil can…. “Show me the can.”
    Remember, “What’s in it for me???” – Joe Homeowner.

    Now the dirt.
    What’s an REL???
    I just moved to town. What’s an REL?
    OK. You gotta assume your reader has no clue what you’re headlining about. Old school, but I think still relevant.
    Next, I think there is too much furniture on the front page.
    Ooopppsss! I feel Ed looking over my shoulder now. Mine aren’t that good! Our publishers prefer a VERY staid approach. I wish my news editor had your freedom.
    Stu Neilson


  4. Judy Salter

    You have the right idea. I agree, the feature should have moved up, although that would have messed up your REL story. Which was more important? Given you used that layout, to heck with the rules. Your oil can did away with them. Rules are there to help our poor readers figure out where the stories are. You did that with the graphic. Good luck.
    Early retired editor,

  5. I like the oil bottle. I would have kept the photos inside it so as not to break the shape of it.

  6. I love it! In agreement with other commenters, I would have tried to round the corners of the photos. And the kicker could perhaps have been larger, to draw some attention to its attachment to the graphic.

    But I’m with Judy. Rules are there to be improved on. Which you did.

  7. Mel,
    The page is great, but the first thing that I noticed is that you put a square peg in a round (or curved) hole. I feel the photos could have been rounded to fit the background image. The other suggestion would be to move your feature up above the fold.
    Other than that – nice job!

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