More good news: Another client wins General Excellence!


PUBLISHER JEFF EVANS at The Ludington Daily News recently shared some exciting news with me…and now I can share it with you.

The Ludington Daily News has been honored with its 7th Newspaper of the Year award and it also won 1st Place in General Excellence in the Michigan Press Association 2009 Better Newspaper Contest.

Some comments from the judges:

“Excellent reproduction quality, clean design. In general, the paper grabs my eye and keeps it hooked. Great use of color beyond 1A. Lots of entry points on section fronts draw readers inside. Clean, crisp design. Design remained clean and consistent throughout.”

The Iowa Press Association judged the Michigan newspapers’ contest.

My congratulations to Jeff and his news crew, especially those who are part of the design effort—which is just about everyone.

I led the redesign of The Ludington Daily News a couple of years ago and I have a strong appreciation of how hard the staff and managers work. It was a pleasure working with them and a greater pleasure seeing them get the recognition they deserve.

Nice goin’!

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