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Small…wins big!

republican flag COLOR [Converted]

MOST OF US couldn’t find Imperial, Nebraska, on a map—and I’ve been there! I spent a weekend a few years ago with the folks at The Imperial Republican, a 2,300 circulation weekly.

Russ and Lori Pankonin publish a high-quality newspaper. And now, The Republican is the envy of small newspaper publishers across the nation.

Russ, who goes by the nickname “Pank,” wrote earlier this week to share the good news.

Here’s his note:


Just wanted to let you know that our design is still alive and well. The Imperial Republican was named the General Excellence winner in weeklies with circ under 3,000 in the National Newspaper Association Better Newspaper contest.

What’s even more amazing to me is that we were able to do so while still not running color.

As you may recall, we have our own plant but lack four-color capability. So, it was a welcome surprise to see a “black & white” paper win it all in the division.

Thought you might be interested.


Interested?! I’m a lot more than interested—I’m deeeeelighted! It’s always a joy for me when one of my clients wins an award.

But this one…this is special.

My congratulations to everyone at The Imperial Republican. What a kick!

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Type design: A brief video

HERE’S A REPORT from CBS Morning News on type design. The reporter interviews Steven Heller, a world-renowned authority on type design, and  Jonathan Hoefler.

Hoefler and partner Tobias Frere-Jones have helped some of the world’s foremost publications, corporations, and institutions develop their unique voice through typography. Their body of work includes some of the world’s most famous designs.

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Seeking your help: File formats


CATHERINE LANGLEY, Communications Manager for the New Jersey Press Assn., contacted me about a week ago to ask about file formats for the web.

I told Catherine I wasn’t sure how to answer some of her questions—but I knew that posting her note on my blog would be a good shot at getting her some help.

Here’s Catherine’s note:

“Hi Ed,

As newspapers expand their publishing to other media, some of us are trying to learn new skills. But finding some of the basic information we need is frustrating.

For instance:
What are the best formats to use when saving Illustrator artwork
(a) for use on Facebook?
(b) as logos for Microsoft Outlook signatures?
(c) for websites?
For these three media:
Are there optimum document sizes?
Are there specific settings that yield better results?
What transparency settings work and which don’t?

My efforts have had very mixed results… Can you point me to resources, other than Facebook and Microsoft; I’ve not found their help to be very useful.

Thank you for any help you can give me!


How about it, folks? I’m betting someone out there has some tips for Catherine. Let’s give her the help she needs in some comments on this post. Remember, this blog is all about us helping each other—and here’s someone who’s asking for that help!


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