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Headlines you’re glad you didn’t write!

I RECENTLY FOUND THESE in a file long hidden away in my computer. They’re still as fun as they were when I put them there years ago. Perhaps some of these were intentional, written tongue in cheek. But most are groaners. Either way, they’re fun to read.

Include your children when baking cookies
Something went wrong in jet crash, expert says
Police begin campaign to run down jaywalkers
Safety experts say school bus passengers should be belted
Drunk Gets Nine Months in Violin Case
OOOPSSurvivor of Siamese Twins Joins Parents
Farmer Bill Dies in House
Iraqi Head Seeks Arms
Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?
Stud Tires Out
Prostitutes Appeal to Pope
Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
Soviet Virgin Lands Short of Goal Again
British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands
Lung Cancer in Women Mushrooms
Eye Drops off Shelf
Teacher Strikes Idle Kids
Reagan Wins on Budget, But More Lies Ahead
Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim
Shot Off Woman’s Leg Helps Nicklaus to 66
Enraged Cow Injures Farmer with Ax
Miners Refuse to Work after Death
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
Stolen Painting Found by Tree
Two Soviet Ships Collide, One Dies
Two Sisters Reunited after 18 Years in Checkout Counter
Killer Sentenced to Die for Second Time in 10 Years
Never Withhold Herpes Infection from Loved One
Drunken Drivers Paid $1000 in `84
War Dims Hope for Peace
If Strike isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last a While
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
Enfields Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
Deer Kill 17,000
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead
Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge
New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Chef Throws His Heart into Helping Feed Needy
Arson Suspect is Held in Massachusetts Fire
British Union Finds Dwarfs in Short Supply
Ban On Soliciting Dead in Trotwood
Lansing Residents Can Drop Off Trees
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
New Vaccine May Contain Rabies
Man Minus Ear Waives Hearing
Deaf College Opens Doors to Hearing
Air Head Fired
Steals Clock, Faces Time
Prosecutor Releases Probe into Undersheriff
Old School Pillars are Replaced by Alumni
Bank Drive-in Window Blocked by Board
Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Some Pieces of Rock Hudson Sold at Auction

Got some you want to share? Send’em in!

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An update from Ed

UPDATE LOGO FOR BLOGJUST BACK IN MY OFFICE from two weeks with a client in upstate New York. Off soon to Baton Rouge…then to Peoria. So, busy and happy to be so! Still have some pages and other fun stuff to post here so please check back occasionally—I’ll get to it as I can.


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It’s incredible great remarkable wonderful super awesome!

I’M A BIG MAC FAN. I think Apple makes incredible products that are really great. Some are remarkable. It’s a wonderful company that does a super job. It’s just awesome!

And if that doesn’t convince you, perhaps this video—from the most recent Apple Keynote in September—will do the job.


OK, perhaps it is a bit overstated. But I’m sure the same superlatives are part of similar presentations from Microsoft, Dell, IBM and all the other guys.

Oh. Yes…I’m still a big Mac fan.


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Poll results: All-cap headlines

z POLL ALL-CAP HEDLINESTHE QUESTION WAS “All-cap headlines: do they work,” and it’s clear most of you who responded (41 total votes) think “Sometimes…on the right feature package.” That response drew 20 of the 41 votes, for about 49%

The negative response, “Nope…they’re just another design fad,” drew the next-highest number of votes, but halved the winning response with only 10 votes.

“Sure…what’s the fuss about” and “Yes…to bring special emphasis to a news story,” each drew five votes.

The one “other” response? “All caps are hard to read, they say.”

What’s the point? Well, for those of you who responded, it seems you’re just not all that concerned about the use of all-caps headlines.

The next poll? Not sure. What would you like to see? Type? Color? Structure? I’m open to suggestions!

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