5 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Lauri Shillings

    Michael, as usual, great work. Your destinations page has a nice feature art piece and works with what is on the page (ads). Something about the 2nd page’s headlines does strike me as odd. Not sure if it’s the all caps thing, or if it’s the different font on the right side headline that throws me- but my eye gets stuck on the sky of the main photo and stays there.
    The most intriguing thing is the ‘Island steel drum party’ that is advertised… wish we had such great entertainment here!

  2. Matt Saxon

    I’m not a fan of the cover art. I think podium photos should be played down, not made gigantic. Espeicially when you can’t even tell whose in the photo (might be an ad for blue jeans). I think there is too much leading in the headlines and just too much odd white space. The Park headline stands out above the rest of the stories…should it?

    While I like your destination block alone, I don’t think it works with all those blocks. Too many square elements for me. The whole page looks like a gang page for ads and I would probably dismiss the page as such. Is it possible to move that smaller coupon ad to another outside, bottom page?

  3. Anne E. Clark

    It may be an editorial and not a design decision, but on the main page, my eyes didn’t know where to go. There’s a lot going on and it doesn’t feel as cohesive as the first example. It looks like two picas on the left side between the biker story and the rule and only one on the right. It feels very closed/tight.

    But let me join the others in saying how much I love the “Destinations” page. The modular layout is very easy on the eye, and the photos/placement up top grabbed me instantly. Great job!

  4. Michael, I love the “Destinations” page. Great photo to work with, great design.

    I didn’t mind the centered headlines on your second page, but, I had an issue with the tight/closed part of the design also. I’ve found that some centerpieces should have room to breath. Try not ruling off the center and leave just enough white space between other elements. You’ll create a natural less harsh rule.
    On another note, the two pictures that you had between you headline and subhead might have been a little much. I mean, you see your main head and then have to go to the bottom of the page to read the rest. Maybe, you could put the first picture larger, above the main head, and then have your subhead and story with the second picture below that. Just an idea. I still love your work.

  5. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I try not to send Ed only my best work because like everything in life, we have good days and bad days. We have been using centered headlines in almost every instance. Some weeks, content simply drives the design. I consider myself more of an artsy editor than anything, but the wordsmith and public relations side of me creeps into the design sometimes too. The only decent art we had for the week was the biker photos. Normally I don’t use podium shots either, but I thought it was okay given the odd angle. Plus, as a community newspaper, we sometimes still have to cover events that lend themselves to this kind of coverage. The serif fonts are the same – Garamond Light Condensed. Recently, I discovered the Garamond Light Condensed looks elegant in all caps. The leading is the original since our redesign in 2004. Our font families are also the same since 2004. The lead headline for the park story is Frutiger condensed. Our text is Utopia 9.2 point.

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