Going global…or at least nationwide!

THERE’S A LINE in a ZZ Top song: “Yeah, I’m ba-a-a-d…I’m nationwide.”

That line has been swimmin’ around in my head a lot lately.

z EARTH FROM MOONI’ve been building this blog very carefully the past few months and I’ve seen it grow into a tool that can be used to help foster good design—and good design thinking—among designers at small and community newspapers. It is the…only…place on the internet where designers at small and community newspapers can post their pages and offer each other ideas and feedback.

Word will go out soon to infopersons at press associations across the U.S. and Canada, and I’m hoping they will let others know.

You can help. It’s time to spread the word to your friends and colleagues. Please send them a quick note and let them know about Ed Henninger’s Blog.

I’m a bit concerned that the response may create too much interest, that I won’t have the time to post all pages that are eventually submitted. But what a wonderfully troublesome thing to happen! If that comes, I’ll find a way to work with it. But I’m looking forward to making this blog THE “go-to” place for designers at weeklies and small dailies.

Thanks to all of you who have submitted pages—and your comments—so far. It’s been a fun ride to this point. Now, let’s see where this takes us!


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One response to “Going global…or at least nationwide!

  1. Ed,
    I appreciate what you’re doing, and all the effort you are investing in this! I have alerted some folks who ought to know about it from the world of community journalism.
    See you on the road!

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