7 responses to “Page from: Kristin Coker | The Times and Democrat

  1. Lauri Shillings

    This page is stunning! I love how the greyscale snapshot overlays the name plate, making you want to pick it up– creates reader interest right away! Great use of your graphic. That monument dominates the page. It’s Awe inspiring — as it should be for such a monumental event. Imagine if your town, memories, everything familiar in your area were suddenly underwater! Good work.

  2. Dianne Walker

    I didn’t like the picture at the top overlaying the name plate. Other than that, I thought it spectacular. It depressed me also, because I will never be able to think of something like that, much less be able to do it!

  3. Anne Clark

    I’m not crazy about the picture so far over the nameplate. I like the effect, but would’ve liked something subtler. It’s a minor issue, though, because this page is lovely in so many ways. I like that your color choice conveys the same tone as the woman’s jacket or the ground behind her; it’s very cohesive.

    Out of curiosity, why the scripted “E” for the drop cap? Is it in the same font family as your headline? Also, what kind of reproduction do you get with a gradient? When you saw it in print, was it what you wanted?

    I only wish there was a larger version of this linked on the blog. I’d love to read the story. Nicely done, Kristin!

  4. I think the page is beautifully laid out. What I don’t like is the image over the nameplate. I think is should have been moved down just a little — the grassy area of the house behind the headline revealing the name of the paper.

  5. Thank-you to all who have given me high praise. I am very humbled by your comments and compliments.

    To Dianne: I would like to say that, “You CAN do what I have done here.” All it takes is practice and a little creativity. … and a session with Ed, of course.”

    To Anne: I can send you a copy of the page and story if you’de like, or you can go to our Web site at http://www.TheTandD.com. You can recall the story from our archives; It ran August 23, 2009.

    Thanks again to you all.

  6. I almost forgot something also Anne. The scripted “E” I used was just me trying to copy the type style on the cemetery marker. But you’re right, it wasn’t the same font as the headline.

  7. David Merrill

    I agree with other commenters that it’s a really great page. It’s sensitive to the topic, well balanced, and makes good use of what could be jarring contrasts of scale.

    I also agree that there’s something unsettling about the photo over the nameplate, but for me it’s not so much that it’s covering more than it should.

    Part of it is a layering anomaly: the photo’s drop shadow puts it above the page surface, but the main head, which is lying ON the page surface, overlies the photo that should be above it.

    Also, the photo interacts with two distinctly different elements on the page. Such overlaps are supposed to unify the elements, but for me, this double overlap isolates and gives extra weight to the photo. On first look, it was hard for my eye to move from the photo to the headline, large though the latter is.

    Good work. I criticize, but it’s just a little detail.

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