Need your thoughts! State of Design in 2010

TELL YOUR BOSS what you think about the state of design in 2010! And do it without my having to run your name.

In another couple of weeks, I’ll be putting together another column on the state of design at community newspapers.

DESIGN 2010The last time I asked for your help on this topic, the focus was on the present state of design. This time, I’m asking you to gaze into your crystal ball and give me your thinking on where community newspaper design will be in the next year or so.

Community newspaper design in 2010: Where are we headed?

You don’t have to leave your name. For this column, I’m fine with anonymous contributions. It’s the number of contributions that counts—and, of course, what you have to say!

Please share your thoughts, good or bad. Last time, you were very candid and I encourage you to be so again. The column and your comments will appear in the October issue of Publishers’ Auxiliary. If we get (and I hope we do!) many responses, some comments may have to be edited for PubAux. But all comments from all respondents will be placed on my blog.

Please get back with your comments. This is your shot…where do you think community newspaper design will be in the next couple of years?

Your boss will thank you for it!


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2 responses to “Need your thoughts! State of Design in 2010

  1. I think we’re going to see a lot more free publications in the marketplace. This presents another challenge, since retailers aren’t crazy about devoting shelf space for a product that isn’t profitable.

    Once you get your coveted space on the rack, then the other goal is to make your product stand out from the rest of the pack without being too gaudy.

    Bolder flags, brighter colors, use of skyboxes and larger photos will be the norm.

    Still, even the most attractive front page won’t retain readers and advertisers if the story content is dull or poorly-written.

  2. Rosemary Dellinger

    Those newspaper dinosaurs who still think design doesn’t matter to small, community newspapers need to retire. Readers today want well-designed, well-organized content. Don’t believe me—test it yourself. Hand a text only, slopped together newspaper with badly done B/W photos to a reader along with a paper that is well-designed and has a good mix of color photos, stories, graphics and a nice mix of headline variety and white space. Even readers of small, community papers can note the difference. They may not be able to say I like the 34 pt Palatino italic over the 36 pt New Times Bold, but they can see and tell the difference. The other thing all papers—large and small—must face in the coming year is the switch to full process color on every page. Like everything else, the printing world is competitive. Papers large and small will go to the printer who provides color options that will enhance the paper’s ad revenue along with the pull for a better overall product. I still love my old 35 mm Canon, but digital photography and fully paginated papers are where we are headed in 2010. We don’t wear polyester suits and sport big perm dos while dancing under disco balls anymore. The newspaper world needs to move forward into the next century along with our readers and the rest of the world.

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