Creation of a cover



DESIGNER WILL FRANKLIN shares with us the creation of a football tab cover. Will admits he’s no artist, so his sketch isn’t a thing of beauty. But it was enough for him to show others his idea and get them to work to bring his concept to life. The final cover? I think it works very well. Your comments?


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4 responses to “Creation of a cover

  1. Will C. Franklin

    Sadly, I think it came off the press a little darker than what I had on the screen, but therein lies the problem of printing your paper in another city. I did have fun designing it, though.

    • The one…small…thing…that bothers me about the cover is that it appears you placed the jersey numbers over the photo. The numbers don’t look realistic as a result. Perhaps if you had “spattered” the numbers or distressed them somehow in Photoshop, they would have appeared more real.

  2. Will C. Franklin

    I wasn’t happy with the number, either. I had to “erase” the jersey to it was neutral (don’t want to offend any particular school) and with the time constraints I had to do the 24-page tab, I never got it looking the way I wanted it to look. I always feel rushed when I do these things (usually I only have a couple of days in which to do design, edit, etc., the entire thing).

  3. I don’t mind the numbers not looking realistic. I think the entire package was well thought through and executed very well. I definitely know about time constraints in a newsroom and putting out a well-designed football section admist it all puts you in a class of your own. Good job. “I loved it!”

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