2 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Melanie Byer

    Can you tell me when text over screens is good, like Michael’s flag pole photo at the top, and when they’re questionable, like my two pages below?

    • I usually recommend against doing text over screens as a rule. Just because we can do it doesn’t mean we should. But if we’re going to, it’s important to keep the screen “neutral,” which Michael comes closer to on his page. It’s mostly all the same shade of blue. On your pages, the screens go from dark to light, white to red (though faded back). This forces the reader to read across different hues and saturation levels, making reading more difficult. It helps if we run the text in a larger type size, sans serif and bold. For example, I’d use Myriad Pro Bold at 12 point.
      One other thing I noticed in the Play Ball package: The drop cap is indented. It’s not necessary to indent a drop cap. An indented drop cap is considered redundant typography.

      I hope this helps.

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