4 responses to “Pages from: Melanie Byer | The Item

  1. First, I want to say that I can see what you both were going for on the “Play Ball.” Something different, something WOW! But . . . something WOW is sometimes a little too much. My focus is definitely drawn to your center package but it looks a little out of place with the four inches of promos and mast above it all. The flow just seems seperated and off. Maybe if you had dropped the promos from the top and moved the mast up the center package would pop more. I just find the promos above it a little distracting.

    On another note, kudos to my gal Kimi Timmers. You’re doing great work.

  2. to my eye, it is all way too busy – a good idea run amock.

  3. I like the concept of the ‘play ball’ feature… I’d like it more as a full page inside I think.

    Mixed with the multiple small graphics all over the page it looks too busy for the eye to gain hold on any one item.

    A bold move, definitely, with the deep background colour. My fear with our printer is that it’d run too dark and bleed out any detail and the copy. How did it look in print?

    One the second page I like the boxed content — since it doesn’t dominate across the entire page it looks good and separate, draws the eye without damaging the rest of the page. But the school supply graphic looks really out of place… kind of like it got dropped in to fill a few inches last minute, rather than being put in to enhance the article.

    I like the adventurism in your design! Don’t be afraid to try new things… that attitude has held back many newspapers for too long!

  4. Melanie Byer

    Thanks, guys. I agree it’s busy, but I can’t move the teases. I also agree the masthead is a bit large, but as it is, I can’t do anything about that.

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